Developer Testimonials

You have exemplified superior customer service.

– Brian A.

This is the best customer service I’ve ever received… To respond within a day, too, is extraordinary. I can’t thank you enough!

– Chris S.

BMT Micro is extremely low-friction. Sign up for an account, add products, add serial numbers, add payment links to your website and you’re done. Checks come once a month like clockwork. Much easier than Paypal and reduces the headaches.”

– Kevin W.

We love – their support is spectacular”

– Jiri N.

BMT Micro on the other hand are a joy to work with and they treat customers like royalty.. quick support and they are happy to go the extra mile. Highly recommended.”

– Frank R.

BMT Micro, and you’ll never look back. Outstanding support, always above and beyond the call of duty. Been with them for over 10 years and I never had a request (even the sort of requests you would expect to have to pay something for) refused or frowned upon by BMT Micro, and you can write them an urgent email during a weekend and always get a reply within a handful of hours – with your matter already taken care of. They are extremely professional and, above all, very friendly.”

 – Jorge C.

This is the most complete order info I’ve ever seen. Once again I have to wonder how we didn’t find you years and years ago. Thank you.

 – John

Customer Testimonials

Thank you very much for your prompt reply and excellent service!”

– Josh

As a consumer, I’d much rather see indie devs using BMT Micro – simply because it gives me more payment options, and crucially – payment options that do not involved credit card (while still having a credit card option for those who want it).”

– Alexander P.

I am so impressed with BMT’s outstanding customer service!”

– Lenora

“You are perfect. I downloaded and everything is fine, it’s great. Thank you very sincerely (if all the sites were like you).”

– Jean D.

I bought a piece of software in July intending to use it for my business.  It turned out (due to no fault of BMT) that the program was not quite what I needed.  I promptly forgot about the purchase until recently and on a whim emailed and asked about a refund.  The response was prompt, courteous and helpful. Customer Service helped me coordinate my information and I got a refund a few days later. I’m so pleased that your company does business like this. Thanks!

– Eric C.

Thank you for your help! My [son] loves you!!! You made him dance around the house.

– Tammy P.