Billing: Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of the most frequently asked billing questions. If you have a question that is not listed here, submit it here.

Our Refund Policy:

    The majority of the software we sell is distributed on a try-before-you-buy basis which eliminates virtually all situations where a refund is requested due to the fact that the chance to thoroughly evaluate a product is made before the product is purchased.  We strongly encourage you to try the software you are purchasing before you buy it.  If you purchase a product you have tried and still have discovered problems please contact the developer for technical support first.  In most cases, a solution is available and our experience shows that software developers are eager to help you solve any problems you might have. 

    So to recap: Try the software prior to purchasing.  Use every feature and verify that it functions in a way that is satisfactory to you.  You might also want to contact the developer of the software with any questions such as support and upgrade policies and how you might go about staying updated about future releases of the product.  If you cannot try the software before you purchase it, it is doubly important that you contact the developer with pre-sales questions.  If you are satisfied and feel comfortable, purchase the software.  After purchasing, if you have any problems attempt to resolve them with the developer.  Each developer should have a refund policy detailed on their website or within the product itself.

I received a "Credit Card Denied Error" or "Data Entry Error" when ordering. What does this mean?

    Check to make sure that the credit card number has been input correctly, as well as the First Name, Last Name and Expiration Date. If the information is correct, and you still receive this error, then you need to contact your credit card company or banking institution to find out why you were denied.

My credit card bill shows that I was "double-billed" for the software I purchased. How does this happen and can I get a credit?

    Sometimes users 'double-click' the SUBMIT button when the order form is filled out. This can be an unconscious act that results in double billing. Be careful to click the submit button only once to avoid this.

    If you think you were double-billed, we will gladly refund the duplicate billing. Simply contact us by telephone at 1.800.414.4268.

I was told that my credit card would be credited. Why hasn't it happened yet?

    The credit process is not instantaneous. BMTMicro submits credits within 24 hours of their request. However, it is up to the card holder's bank as to the time frame for the credit visibility.

Does BMTMicro accept Purchase Orders?

    Yes we do, but with the following provisions...

  • We require an actual Purchase Order Tracking Number, complete billing information, to include a contact name and a direct telephone number and email address (if available).
  • We require complete shipping information. A contact name, physical street address, state/province and postal code.
  • All media, CDs, Floppy Disks, etc. is billed at an additional cost, when software titles are to be provided in a physical form.
  • Terms are NET 30
  • There is a MINIMUM charge of US$250.00 for ALL P.O. Orders.
  • Payment in EUR is available to the following account with Commerzbank:

    Commerzbank, Frankfurt am Main
    Empfanger: BMT Micro, Inc.
    Konto-Nummer: 582344800
    Bank Number (Bankleitzahl): 500 400 00
    IBAN: DE21 5004 0000 0582 3448 00
    NOTE: You are required to use the offline order form for this, and you must note that "Payment by Commerzbank" Click here to go to the Offline Order Form.(opens a new window)

Does BMTMicro support bank transfers?


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