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Downloading files from the internet: This page has been added to aid those customers who are beginners, and are not sure of the concept and procedure of getting a file from the internet and onto their local computer system. Click the Button to the left to get a very detailed explanation of the correct way to do this.

Decompression of Files and Compression Types: Zip, Arj, Arc, Sit.... what does it all mean??? Well we have taken away the veil of mystery for beginning and intermediate users, by explaining the major compression file types and how to extract files from these schemes and which programs to use to get the job done! Click the Button to the left to get informed!

Frequently Asked Billing Questions: This is a new archive that will be appended as new topics pop up. Click the Button to the left to get the latest!

Getting Technical Support: Technical support is never very fun for those of us who have to wait on the phone for an extended amount of time, listening to bad remakes of songs from the 70s. Calling what you think is the correct number and waiting....waiting....waiting until someone pics up, only to find out that you have wasted your time is maddening. So to make you life a little bit easier, we have explained what and how we offer technical support. Click the button to the left to go there!

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