PMView 2000

An image viewing and editing program, PMView 2000 has just been named the best non-commercial application for OS/2. And it is no wonder why. Compatible with OS/2 as well as Windows, PM View can read 40 file formats and save to almost as many. I use a lot of graphics and tend to find that the program I usually use to enhance these graphics cannot read most of my clip art files. So I use PM View to convert the files. It is as easy as opening the file you want and clicking the "save as" button just as you would in any other program.

What makes this process even better is PM View's thumbnailing feature. Upon opening a folder, all the thumbnail images are automatically displayed in the right window as well as the image name. This makes it so much easier when you are trying to identify what is what. From there you can click on the image and the file will open. Also what is handy are the two arrows located on the toolbar that allow you to toggle between all the images in that particular folder. You can also click on "recall" in the File menu to view the last eight images you have saved.

So once you have located your images the real fun begins. Although you cannot create images from scratch like you can in programs like Photoshop, PMView does provide you with some of the same tools to edit your images. You can crop, resize, rotate, recolor, add filters, et cetera. These options are very straightforward.

With PmView you can compile slideshows using your images. You simply select your images and drag and drop them into place. Using the slide show controller, you can determine the length of each frame and play back your production. You can opt for a full or partial screen view and even add text to the view using the notebook feature. Once you have perfected and saved your presentation it is completely portable.

PmView is my screen-capturing program of choice. Whether capturing views of an entire desktop or just the contents within a single window, you can achieve high-quality results.

PMView 2000 is not as elaborate as other programs of this same genre but its main features make up for any thing it may lack. Its ability to read numerous file formats and its thumbnailing feature (as well as its price tag) make this product indispensable.

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