BMT Micro’s Purchase Order Policies

BMT Micro prides ourselves on exceptional customer service in every aspect. One of the most unique aspects of our company is how we process purchase orders for corporate clients, government agencies, or others with specific invoicing needs. We believe that every vendor we work with should be able to process purchase orders in a way that best benefits them and their customers. We accept all orders over $250 USD with NET30 payment terms, and are happy to develop a process that works best for each specific business. If you have any questions or concerns about a purchase, you never have to worry about reaching a bot rather than a human. BMT Micro values our relationship with our vendors, and prefer to resolve issues through a representative to minimize frustrations and find the proper solution as quickly as possible. We also have a unique approach to processing tax exempt orders that allows the process to run smoothly and quickly. For our European customers, if you are VAT exempt you can simply fill out your VAT exemption number on the form to have the tax portion subtracted from the total. For United States customers, send in your proof of exemption and we will remove the tax portion. This eliminates the need for a refund, so you get to keep your money rather than going through a waiting period to be reimbursed. If you would like information about how you can work with BMT please contact

A New Year’s message from BMT Micro

To all vendors,

BMT Micro would like to wish a continued happy and successful 2019 to all our vendors! We thank you for your continued support and partnership with us. Together, we can achieve our goals and meet our customers with products of excellence, excitement, fun, and great sophistication and value. BMT Micro is proud to partner with you, as your online re-seller merchant of software products and more.

We have many new exciting things happening at BMT Micro. We are constantly moving, growing, working towards improving our services to you and your customers; working towards increased sales and better support for all. We are happy to announce that our sales statistics for the year 2018 show significant increases in sales numbers for many of our major vendors. In addition, BMT Micro had the pleasure of welcoming several new vendors, whose products launched with near instant success. We also saw quite a few ”older” vendors return after a hiatus of some time. From embroidery to education, from business software to puzzle games, and more: BMT Micro is honored and pleased to serve you all! We are also especially excited to hear of awards and public recognition that have come our vendors’ way in the past year. Much congratulations to all of you who were recipients of such and/or featured positively in the general press.

There are many good things happening at BMT – and our vendors are right in the midst of it: increasing sales, adding products, launching new exciting ideas… BMT Micro is always looking to hear from you, our main clients, on features that you would like to see implemented and/or suggestions on how we can improve our services to you. One request that came up rather often in 2018 was the need for an e-commerce plugin to match our proprietary checkout system with WordPress sites. Hence, we created one and we are proud to officially launch our plugin through this post! The plugin is available here: Please contact us for assistance, if needed.

We have added some new features to the vendor area; some of which we already announced as they came out (e.g. the two-tiered login authentication for added security) and some of which are officially announced as of now: the vendor Help/FAQ files have been thoroughly updated and redesigned. Under ”Settings”, you will also now find a new feature for tracking customer traffic through Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Facebook, and Bing.

We are still looking to update our affiliate pages and affiliate reporting. We are also looking at some changes to the shopping cart, for an easier and smoother purchase flow. All updates and changes that we are working on at this time are matters that have been brought up by vendors – i.e. you!

We have also redesigned our online catalog of products, which was in dire need of a face lift, and are working on continuously keeping it up-to-date with regards to new products, new versions of existing products, and other exciting news. If you would like to see your product featured on the main page of the catalog or in our social media, please let us know by sending a message to This opportunity is usually reserved to our higher-tiered vendors.

The year 2018 was also the year of new legislation and new rules and regulations to which not only BMT Micro, but the whole world (it would seem) had to adapt. The EU implemented and enforced their GDPR (rules on customer privacy), Australia notified us on our responsibility to collect and pay Australian GST on all sales to that country, and – finally, in a matter that is not yet completely resolved – the US Supreme Court decided that Internet sales should be subject to sales tax, even in states where the company does not have a so-called nexus. BMT Micro is currently working hard to ensure compliance with this new ruling, in the extent that it applies to us and in relation to the laws and legislation of each individual state. More is to come on this further.

We are actively engaged in discussions on adding new currencies and new payment methods to our repertoire. BMT Micro – a robust company whose foundations remain the same although circumstances may change – is active and readily present on the global market and in the global community and we are seeking to extend our presence even further on. In an ever-increasing world of automation, chat-bots or the like, BMT Micro still believes in positive and hands-on, personalized, service to our customers and vendors, where you do not reach a bot when you ask a question, but a real-life person who cares about you and the success of your enterprise. Certainly, as a software company, technology is our friend, but automated technological solutions will not necessarily, or always, save the day.

BMT Micro cares about your privacy and that of your customers. We are continuously working on strengthening our foundations for secure online transactions and for combating online fraud. Fraud is, certainly, one of our biggest challenges, but we are thankful to be working together with our vendors in this area and to stay one step ahead, through technological means and by bringing in the human factor. For 2019, we definitely have a very positive outlook and we look to keep building on the growth and positive changes of 2018. The overall markets are looking good, although some geopolitical concerns exist on some fronts.

It is a good day to be a BMT Micro vendor! These are exciting times, much is happening, and we are looking forward to taking on 2019 together with all our wonderful partners and vendors from all over the world! May this year be your most successful year yet! And as always, if you have any concerns, comments, or suggestions… BMT Micro is here for you!

All the best from the Management Team of BMT Micro, Inc.!