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The secret to financial security is financial management. If you do not control your expenses and intelligently manage your assets and liabilities, you can not grow your wealth. The key to financial management is in having a comprehensive "system" and consistently and rigorously applying it in managing your finances.

InCharge is such a system. It is designed to help the individual manage their personal and small business finances. It consists of eight main systems:

  • Account management (checking, credit card, stock margin, etc)

  • Budget management

  • Bill management (payables/receivables) with support for CheckFree electronic bill payment)

  • Property management (personal, real, and home inventory)

  • Securities management (stocks, bond, mutual funds, etc.)

  • Insurance management

  • Tax management

  • Business management (invoicing/billing, order entry, inventory, and sales analysis)

The system provides additional functions for tracking net worth, cash flow analysis, and cash flow planning. Financial planning functions are provided for working "what if" cases, planning for college expenses, loan alternatives, etc.. A full set of utility functions are included for such functions as importing and exporting data, two calculators, a notes facility, a calendar, and currency conversion functions. Except for data import/export, all of the utility and financial planning functions can be accessed at any time via a dialog's pop up menu.

Multinational support is provided so the user may select the currency in which to keep individual accounts, assets, and liabilities. InCharge automatically handles currency conversion when moving funds between accounts or combining accounts, assets, and liabilities for reports. The user may also select the date format and currency decimal place separator used by the system. The date formats supported are US. (MM-DD- YY), European (DD-MM-YY), and international (YY-MM-DD).

InCharge interfaces with many other popular applications including CheckFree, TurboTax, Prodigy, and CompuServe. If you are migrating to InCharge from Quicken, InCharge directly imports the Quicken accounts and categories via QIF files.

The eight systems are fully integrated; a given item of information need be entered once and is automatically reflected throughout the system. For example, posting and printing a check to pay an electric power bill results in the electric power company's "payable" being updated to reflect the bill's payment and the electric power budget account being updated for the month of the payment.

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