FAQs - General Query

About BMT Micro

What is BMT Micro?


BMT Micro is a software distribution and order fulfillment service for both professional and part-time software developers. We are also a software repository where the general public can select programs, written by those same developers, from our catalog.

Why does BMT Micro appear on my credit/debit card statement?


This indicates that you have purchased an item through the BMT Micro order system on the internet.

We represent a large number of software vendors on the internet. You have been billed by BMT Micro, on behalf of one of these vendors. You will have received an email message, at the time of purchase, containing your receipt and other information pertaining to the order.

I'm having all sorts of problems. Can BMT Micro help?


Yes. If you are having trouble downloading a particular title, or have questions about billing, shipping, order status or available software, we are here to assist.


If you are having problems regarding software features, configuration, compatibility or upgradability, then you need to contact the developer of that software.


If you are having trouble finding a contact address for the developer, we can forward your inquiry to them or provide you with their contact information.


Who should I contact with general questions about a particular title?


Our customer service staff will be more than happy to assist you with general product information such as product price, delivery options and availability.


Any questions regarding compatibility, specific product features and functionality should be directed to the developer.


What is BMT Micro's refund policy?


The majority of the software we sell is distributed on a try-before-you-buy basis, which allows you to thoroughly evaluate a product before purchase. We strongly encourage you to try the software you are purchasing before you buy it.


If you purchase a tried product and have problems with it, please contact the developer for technical support first. In most cases, a solution is available. Our experience shows that software developers are eager to help you solve any problems you might have.


Please visit our Contact Information page for phone and fax numbers, as well as our

mailing address.