Affiliate Terms

There are no charges or set up fees to use our affiliate program.


You may become an affiliate of any product included in the affiliate program, although a developer may decline an affiliate at his/her discretion.


Affiliate sales are subject to a 60 day withholding period. The 60 day hold is calculated from the date of your first sale, not from your signup date. If your first sale is within the last 5 days of the quarter, payment will be paid held until the next quarter after a full quarter of sales have been reviewed. Excessive fraud or chargeback activity may result in a longer hold on your funds at our discretion.


Affiliate payments are made 4 times a year, on or about March 1st, July 1st, October 1st, and December 28th.


Affiliates are paid on our scheduled payment dates when the amount is equal to $20.00 USD or more. If affiliate sales are less than $20.00 in a given payment period, the amount is rolled into the next period.


After the initial 60-day withholding period and the first scheduled affiliate payout, an affiliate may request to receive a monthly payment or an unscheduled payment during our monthly payment cycle. There is a $5.00 per month administrative fee for unscheduled monthly payments.


Program payout amounts are set by the developers of a product and may change at any time. All questions regarding payout amounts should be directed to the developer of the product.


We reserve the right to freeze payments due, if evidence indicates fraudulent or deceptive means are used to generate sales. In the event your payment is frozen, we will provide documented material to substantiate our claim and we will bring in the developer of program(s) in question to discuss this matter as a team.


It is an affiliate's duty to report income to the proper tax authorities. BMT Micro, Inc. is not paying the affiliate commissions: the developer of the program(s) in question is paying affiliate commissions on the sale of their program(s). We will provide a year-end summary of total sales in US dollars for a $5.00 administrative charge.

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