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Designed for the Small Business and Subcontractors without the out dated double entry style of accounting. This has been replaced with a more modern down to earth approach.

TaxGst has been created using the "One Click" Software approach. Which means that you have access to all areas at any time from one Main Screen. This allows users to become more confident with the software, preventing the possibility of becoming lost within a maize of screens.

This software comes with all the standard features you would expect, with the ability to record all your income and expenses, account for tax on goods and services (if applicable), produce professional looking invoices, report profit and loss, and other general reports to assist with income tax returns etc.. Because of the "One Click" Software approach, all of this is available at the click of your mouse.

Customer Trial Period

TaxGst is Available on a no questions asked, unrestricted, fully functional, Free Trial. This means that the customer has the ability to use all the features during the trial period, enabling them to establish well in advance of purchase if this software is suited to their needs.

This ensures that all purchases of the software are usually happy content clients who are purchasing a product they already know and like.

PRODUCT: TaxGst Accounting Software
PLATFORM: Windows 9x/NT/2000
DEMO: Developer's Website
TaxGst Accounting Software
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