SoMail is a mail client (SMTP, POP3) with support for News reading (NNTP) It's written in standard 'C' so it's small (about 700k) and fast. It runs under W95, 98 and NT(3.x, 4.0 or 2000). Under NT you can also use a SMTP/POP3 server if you have a permanent Internet connection, this SMTP workstation server can handle up to 5 users and it's free for SoMail users.

At home you can use all facilities of your dial-up network to send and retrieve your mail from ISP easily. It has a interactive mode for POP3 message's download, so you can select by message's header what messages you want to download, save your time and money. You can use any external editor to compose your messages. The MIME support uses your local machine configuration, so a double click on any part of a MIME message will activate the application without the need of any more configuration.

SoMail 2.0 has full and easy PGP support, it's easy to keep message's privacy. It has a integrated spell checker (English, Portuguese), multiple address books with group support, and access to local user's groups (under NT only). The support for RTF messages now is internal, you can send/receive formated messages without any external editor, with RTF you have no risk of macro virus.

SoMail is a multithread program, can easily handle large amounts of messages and messages can be sent & received in the background. It also has filtering messages functions, with automatic classification, deletion, reply or forwarding of messages.

SoMail messages are stored at single text files, you'll never lose messages due to a folder's mess. Log file to keep track of all your send/received messages.

SoMail is designed to run at local network, so it support any number of users under a single installation. The license fee is for any number of users under the same network.

SoMail is a shareware with a trial period of 60 days. The license fee is $35.00 and is valid for all future versions. It works in English and Portuguese.

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