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One Man Band is a combination of a virtual arranger keyboard, a style based sequencer/arranger and a style editor. It uses standard style files compatible with the styles used in Yamaha PSR, DGX and Tyros arranger keyboards. It can be used with a MIDI keyboard (using the MIDI keyboard window) or without (using the PC keyboard window). It can play the thousands of Yamaha styles that are available on internet and it can create styles that can be played on a Yamaha keyboard and in XG Works.

Some typical configurations for One Man Band are:

A Yamaha PSR or DGX keyboard (without an internal hard drive) connected to a PC. This makes it possible to choose from the thousands of styles on the PC hard drive and load them without having to exchange diskettes.

Any kind of synthesizer, master keyboard or piano connected to a PC can be used as an arranger keyboard. Not having to buy a separate arranger keyboard saves space and money.

A PC without a MIDI keyboard can be used as an arranger keyboard too. Playing chords, melody and variations can be done on the PC keyboard in real-time. It is also possibile to record the chord sequence and melody separately, or create the chord sequence by typing it in advance.

The virtual arranger keyboard has a very flexible user interface. You can define how you want to trigger variations (intro, ending, fill in, level), using keys or controll buttons on your MIDI keyboard or on your PC keyboard. You can configure it to do any operation including loadings styles, etc. on your MIDI keyboard without having to touch the PC keyboard or mouse.

With the sequencer you can produce professional MIDI files. In a large grid (viewing 64 bars at once) you can place chords and parts from up to 10 different styles.

The style editor lets you create styles by recording them each track or copy parts and tracks from existings styles or paste parts from MIDI files. You can make a large collection of tracks (patterns) to create new styles.

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