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They're small, round, and... not too bright! And they need your help to get home safely! Goobs are little fun loving creatures from the planet Stoompf. But these particular Goobs have got themselves stuck on a series of floating space platforms, and they need your help to get back home.

To do this you must take control of the goobs, and guide them safely through each of the platforms towards the exit tunnel, collecting the red and blue energy balls along the way. Ah, but its not as simple as that. You see, each platform is made up of a variety of different tiles and objects which must be interacted with before the exit can be reached.

But its not just the surroundings that the goobs must deal with, as any number of goobs might be stranded on the same platform, meaning a bit of teamwork will be required to get them all to safety.

In this original fun puzzle game you must guide the Goobs through 55 exciting levels, solving puzzles and collecting energy balls. Includes FREE level editor!

PRODUCT: The Goobs
PLATFORM: Windows 98/NT 4.0/2000
DEMO: goobsdemosetup.exe (3.37 MB)
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