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Address N More is a phone and address organizer with a simple one dialog window showing all the information you need.

Enter information for personal and business with ease. You have up to 4 pictures for each record. Up to ten phone numbers for each record and dial any number from your computer if you have a modem.

Use the quick 20 window to quickly find your favorite addresses and phone numbers.

Printing options? Many!

And you get more than just an address and phone number program. You have Make a Badge for making simple badges and simple posters when you need one. Also included is Make a Map where you can sketch and save a simple address map.

Navigating Menus is fast, unique, different, and very simple to use! Find out how this software can help you.


NOTE: A registration number is required before purchasing this product. Before purchasing, please install the demo file below to obtain this number.

PRODUCT: Address N More
PLATFORM: Windows 9x/2000/XP/Vista
DEMO: Addr1Setup.exe (1.25 MB)
Address N More
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BMT Micro
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Wilmington, NC 28408

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