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Address N More an Address, Inventory, and a ToDo program. Make categories to organize all your addresses. Add comments, birthday, and anniversary dates. Add up to four bitmap pictures to each address.

Use the ToDo program for notes and reminders that you need. You can use the reminder to remind once, weekly, monthy, yearly, or none. Archive ToDo's that you want to keep

Use the Home Inventory program to organize you home valuables to quickly find them. Get a total of all you home inventory for insurance claims. Add a picture for each item.

In the main menu you have to Quick 20 to quickly go to your favorite addresses.

The print selection to print address, mailing labels, envelopes, and return address labels. In the address print selection, select to print by personal or business, print all, print by category, or select one or more address to print.

Navigating menus is fast, and very simple to use! You never have to learn or memorize a set of icon pictures, or learn new short cut alt keyboard entry keys. All of that is simplified and easy. You navigate this program by using the keyboard which is the fastest way to move around this program or you can use the mouse as well.


NOTE: A registration number is required before purchasing this product. Before purchasing, please install the demo file below to obtain this number.

PRODUCT: Address N More
PLATFORM: Windows 9x/2000/XP/Vista
DEMO: Addr1Setup.exe (3.3 MB)
Address N More
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