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Asset Tracker Basic is designed as a database utility, providing an easy way for anyone to keep track of and categorize any item(s) they wish. [more]

Office group organizer software (PIM). This includes a Contact Manager, Phone Dialer, Email Handling, Time Scheduler, etc... [more]

Tired of losing your important notes? Have a task to complete? Reminder programs too complicated to use?? Download Black Hole Organizer now! [more]

Use Calendar Builder to print your own custom calendars. The program includes 13 calendar layouts to meet a variety of needs. You can use any font, color, and header style you desire, and create an unlimited number of style sheets. This program outputs to all printer types, including color printers. You can also use borders, and... [more]

Chronilist will handle not only your busy itinerary, but that of everyone in your office. A convenient phonebook and many unique scheduling features make this a no-nonsense, "get down to business" program. It will prepare calendars and other reports that... [more]

Client Tracks integrates contact management with one of the most complete schedulers available. Thousands of clients, scheduled events, income and expenses may all be handled with this program. In addition to the expected name, address, phone, and... [more]

cpTracker will assist you in managing and controlling your projects to the last detail. With extensive bug tracking, project scheduling, time tracking, budgeting, reporting and communications features, your projects will be delivered... [more]

The easy to use interface is supplemented with customizable web pages that allow users and technicians to add data to the database remotely using their web browser. [more]

Keep control of employee keys, laptops, credit cards, cars, and much much more! [more]

Keep detailed medical information for each member of your family [more]

My Hobby is a high-performance picture-driven database cataloging system for families, hobbyist, collectors, photographers, etc., or anyone needing a way to organize and keep track of their hobby items. [more]

Collecting your own library of movie titles is fun. As your collection of movies grows, you'll soon reach the point of trying to track which titles you own and which you don't. [more]

My Problem Solved is a help desk program that will allow you to use the increasing popular MySQL database as the backend and it provides a web interface utilizing PHP and HTML pages. [more]

In your life and your organisation, there is so much information to keep on top of. Note Studio allows you to create notebooks for this task. [more]

A password management utility that stores user IDs, passwords, PINs, account numbers, etc. in an encrypted database with a single master key. [more]

Personal Knowbase™ Is a Unique Free-form Note Organizer Using Keywords. It's the perfect software for organizing research notes, e-mail archives, tickler files, and more. Index your notes, messages, and ideas using keywords for fast access. [more]

Personal Mailing List lets you maintain an unlimited number of address records, print mailinglabels and... [more]

Personal Time Keeper is a program for people who need help keeping track of their time, whether at work or working on your own. It is easy and simple to use. [more]

PowerBook HCE is a full-featured multiuser scheduler and advanced address book. Scheduler module introduces new concept of appointment and data maniputaltion making it more efficient and more straight-forward. [more]

Designed for non-IT customer support, Proactive Help Desk allows for easily recording and updating of customer service issues, including a web based interface. [more]

Easy to learn and use help desk software that allows you to receive support requests submitted via browser...[more]

QEstimate is a software program for making quick estimates for your business, simple to use and easy to learn. Electricians, plumbers, etc or any business where you keep a list of materials for estimates. [more]

An easy to learn and use Windows interface is supplemented with an HTTP Server that allows your customers to submit support requests via their browser, and your customer service reps to add, search and update requests via their browser - with no other software to install. [more]

QUOTE$ is a basic stand-alone program for small to medium size businesses. While QUOTE$ may appear to have a single purpose, to create quotes, it does much more. QUOTE$ comes with a contact manager we call Document Tracker, a text editor for Cover... [more]

Record information (fuel purchases and consumption, maintenance items, repairs, accessories, VIN number, purchase information, insurance and licensing) about your vehicles and present it in an easy to read form. View the detailed information on the... [more]

Multiple-choice test scanning/scoring/reporting software... [more]

Expecting a package from Fedex? Sending a customer a shipment through DHL? With Shipmate, easily keep track of all package shipments with... [more]

SignOut is a network-based electronic office sign-out board that lets others know where you're going. At the touch of a few keys, you can find where anyone in the office has gone, how to reach him, and when he expects to return. Also includes a message... [more]

This program utilizes an Access 97 backend database but adds an easy to use frontend that allows your help desk technicians to quickly record, search and report on problem data...[more]

An easy way to keep track of all your personal and business contacts in this management software. TRACKER ORGANIZER for Windows is a management software that not only stores basic information like names and addresses for an Address Book, but also manages a Recipe, Music, and Movie Catalogue Books as well. [more]

TaskMinder is a unique personal information manager PIM and things to do manager. Use it to keep track of chores and appointments. Tasks can be organized by category, such as home, work, car, etc. Or use the traditional weekly and monthly calendar views. [more]

Will You Marry Me? provides a full list of wedding planner features all in one software package. You can keep detailed guest and gift lists, track RSVP's and your budget... [more]


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