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Documents Illustrative of the Formation of the Union, with the Federalist Papers™ is an easy-to-use extensively indexed electronic database containing an integrated collection of papers from the debates of the Constitutional Convention of 1787 and The Federalist Papers. [more]

EXPLORING SPACE provides an ideal introduction to astronomy to everyone with 100+ articles and images... [more]

Family Runner is among the most complete family scheduler/diaries available. It will handle everything your family does, keep a handy list of names, addresses and phone numbers, and prepare a wide variety of calendars and other reports. Whether you want... [more]

HISTORY OF THE PLANET series is a set of referencing software that will give you access to all historical content on all nations. It's divided up into 5 different Titles : AFRICA, ASIA, NORTH/SOUTH AMERICA, EUROPE, AND THE MIDDLE EAST. [more]

Ipso Quizo consists of two modules. The first scrambles the word order of any text [up to one hundred words at a time]. The second module takes any text and parses it into fill-in questions [as many as thirty questions at a time]. [more]

Learn how to create a 11.8x5.12" design using the Jumbo Hoop! This lesson will walk you step by step using visual slides so that you can see exactly how I'm creating a design using all three area's allowed by the 2.5ver PED/Palette/Deco digitizing software...[more]

Display your family tree on the Internet with Kinship Archivist. Each family member has their own Web page, and genealogical information is linked between pages. [more]

Learn Chinese contains more than 800 sentences.26 lessons are parted according to daily living, working, studying, traveling etc. [more]

LogicMate: SFVCS consists of two modules. The first module is for creating tests, drills, quizzes encompassing both traditional logic and basic formal logic. The second module is for taking the quizzes. [more]

Lunar Globe is a computer program, which lets you "interactively" survey the lunar sphere, lunar formations and other objects without an astronomical telescope. [more]

Super Splash 3D brings you an experience like no other coloring book can. This imaginative product uses real-time 3D graphics to bring you and your children an immersive multimedia experience never before available... [more]

Quickly and easily create schedules for your sports organization. Ideal for any sport using round-robin type schedules! [more]


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