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Amnesia is a full featured USENET News Reader with unsurpassed Binary support. Complete USENET News Reader Functions, Multi-Platform Support, Filters, Threaded Discussions, Linear Messages, or File Mode; and many more! [more]

BlazeFtp is a multiple-session and cache-enabled ftp client with offline searching capability. It's slim, easy to use and powerful. You can master it in minutes.[more]

Detailed information on software products and companies across several Event Management Software categories. [more]

GPS Express provide a feature rich interface to serial NMEA-0183 protocol data and works with most NMEA-0183 devices, including GPS Receivers. [more]

HiDialer is a multipurpose utility to assist with DUN connections to the Internet. It allows you to easily establish an active connection from any DUN setting from a handy system-tray icon. [more]

InfoMiles is a comprehensive solution for tracking your online communications among the many on-ramps to today's information superhighway. [more]

Mighty FAX installs a printer driver so that you can fax directly from Windows software, including Microsoft Word or any other Windows program. You do this by 'printing' to the Mighty Fax Printer Driver, which creates... [more]

OneMail provides a simple email collection, control, and communication solution for the busy person who desires basic management and wireless distribution of email between a maximum of five email accounts and one SMS enabled device (most wireless phones). [more]

OneMail Plus enhances the email control process by allowing the user to configure a complex sequence of logical email filtration based on source, subject, date, importance, and body text. One control sequence may be linked to another, in a flexible, intuitive manner. [more]

OneMessenger provides a simple chat system for instantly sending messages to any SMS enabled devices. Buddy lists and preprogrammed messages are provided to make the communication process simple, quick, and enjoyable. [more]

PocoMail is a refreshingly different award-winning e-mail application, with a specific focus: to allow you to take full potential of e-mail, whether you get one or one hundred messages a day. It will save you time and enable you to do things with e-mail you never thought possible before. [more]

Imagine having the full power of PocoMail at your disposal wherever you go. Imagine having access to your e-mail at home and at the office at all times, while keeping it private at the same time. Email on the Go with PocoMail Portable Edition. [more]

SDI LPD is a 32-bit print daemon (RFC 1179) that accepts print jobs from a remote computer and prints them on a Windows printer. [more]

A fast, powerful and inexpensive telnet client application. TN3270 Plus connects Windows PCs to IBM mainframe, AS/400, and UNIX systems via TCP/IP. [more]

ZOC is an award winning telnet, secure shell (SSH), rlogin, modem and ISDN comm. application which offers a feature richness that is rarely found even in commercial packages. You can make quick connects without doing a lot of configuration (just select... [more]


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