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iClock Feature list:
  • See the Time and Date simultaneously in the menubar.
  • Get a birds eye view of user selectable time zones.
  • Customize the Time and Date display in the menubar and menu in hundreds of ways. Including changing the font, color and size.
  • Gives you a time zone calculator that finds the best time to connect up the people in as many time zones as you want.
  • Gives an easily accessible, at a glance system menu view of times/dates in as many parts of the world as you want.
  • Add the people/companies you work with directly from the address book.
  • Gives the dial codes for countries around the world.
  • 12 or 24 hour time.
  • Custom alarms that are so easily accessible you will actually use them.
  • iClock Calendar shows birthdays from Apple's Address Book and links to iCalendar.
  • iClock calendar can float on top or below other windows and its transparency can be set.
  • iClock Calendar accepts background pictures.
  • Run a Screen Saver on your desktop using iClock's Screen Effects. Cosmos is particularly cool.
  • CopyPaste users can conveniently add the CopyPaste menus to iClock.
  • iClock Stopwatch.
PLATFORM: Macintosh
DEMO: Developer's Website
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