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Your Microsoft Access Database Can Understand Plain English! Raise your hand if you've ever said, "My computer doesn't understand me." Communicating with Microsoft Access has always...[more]

ActiveWizard is an easy-to-use ActiveX control that enables you to create'Windows 2000 style' wizards. Just put an ActiveWizard control on your form,add some ActivePane controls, and the ActiveWizard control automatically resizes the Panes for you. The ActivePane component acts like a container, allowing you to add... [more]

Basic is a powerful new 4th generation, object oriented, interpreted Windows language for beginners to advanced programmers. Based on the Basic language, Basic includes many powerful Windows functions that can be called with ease. [more]

BBGenX is an an ActiveX (OCX) control designed for use with Eclipse Entertainment's Genesis3D game engine. The Genesis API was designed with the C/C++ coder in mind. BBGenX, however, allows Genesis3D functions to be called from ActiveX/OLE Automation... [more]

The Day View OCX is a list of items or appointments for a day which is like the Microsoft Outlook Day View displayed in the calendar. The Day View OCX allows the programmer to add, move and remove items, and define their appearance. Each item may have a title... [more]

Imagine being able to model your system as you think - capturing your requirements and your thought processes in Eiffel. Then, when you are ready to Design, you build upon the model you just created, still in Eiffel. And then you implement, in Eiffel. You never need to throw anything out and start over. [more]

Liberty BASIC gives you what you need to craft your own custom computer programs. [more]

The NetConnect OCX gives your application internet access, to enable you to provide updates, upgrades, support, etc via the internet. [more]

This is a very handy DLL to convert numbers to words, for instance, if you pass (23.95,"dollar","cent") to this DLL it will convert it to : Twenty-three dollars and ninty-five cents. [more]

This PHP scipt gives you an easy way to create and administrate accounts at your web page. [more]

Sfxkits generate C/C++ Dialog Based Windows Installers, Uninstallers and Self Extracting Executable Code. Compile the source and you have a custom sfx stub and uninstaller which will turn any zip compatable archive into a full blown installation program... [more]

The Timers control is a set of timers that expand on the timer control supplied with Visual Basic. The Timer control supplied with Visual Basic counts in milliseconds, up to about 65 seconds, this suite of timer controls allow over... [more]

Now you can add natural language database query capability to any 32-bit Visual Basic database project (and with no per-user license charges). VB ELF packs the power of the "Access ELF" language engine into a set of callable routines, or if you prefer, a... [more]

XbEvent provides a powerful set of functions that let you seamlessly use the Event-Mechanism of Windows NT in your Xbase++-Applications. [more]

XbTcpIp for Windows 95/98/NT provides a powerful set of Socket-functions and FTP-functions that let you seamlessly integrate Winsock into your Xbase applications. [more]


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