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CHM4Clarion is the easest way to change from HLP to CHM with any 32-bit version of Clarion versions 2.0 through 7.0. Implementation requires just 4 lines of code added to your EXE APP. [more]

Searches Clarion Source Code and Templates. Tells you the Procedure, Method and Routine name so you can find it in AppGen. Allows viewing complete code and copying to clipboard. [more]

Class wrapper allows Clarion programs easily access TX Text Control features. TX Text Control is a powerful 32 bit programming component which includes...[more]

CW Assistant is the most indispensible tool you will ever find for Clarion Works. These are just some of its key functions: Message Maker, Dictionary Viewer, File Viewer, File Code Generator, Drag and Drop Fields, Map Viewer... [more]

Dropqbe template is a full featured query system compatible with Clarion5-B. It can be used in conjunction with the Clarion5 QBE Browse class to increase its functionality by sending the GetFilter( )statement to a report. [more]

EasyDocker is a set of Classes and Templates providing you an ability to include a float toolbars into you application, written in Clarion. You can start procedures, mimic global menu items, implement standard windows behavior in the float toolbars. Also you can transfer ... [more]

EasyExcel is a Class and a set of Templates providing you an ability to import your data, change fonts and colors, draw borders, print and save document and do much more in the Excel! You'll get libraries, templates ... [more]

EasyMultiTag will allow you considerably to expand functionality of BrowseBox ABC. Tagging of any records using Windows-style, by colour, by icons, invisible, using hot keys and popup menu or buttons. [more]

Do you need to print in the standard Clarion reports text fields with the various number of lines so that all vertical and horizontal lines or surrounding boxes will be automatically adjusted according to the text's controls height? Or set a greenbar effect to your report in one click? If so... [more]

Internet Framework Templates - HTTP Client Edition is for quickly and easily building Web (or HTTP) clients that access Web (or HTTP) servers. These templates enables applications to perform a variety of tasks including... [more]

The IFT HTTP server is a set of templates that will enable Clarion developers to assemble an asynchronous HTTP server in minutes. These templates use the Windows Socket API for efficiency and entirely Clarion code (with no DLLs) for flexibility. [more]

Query Slider is a full featured query system compatible with Clarion4 and Clarion5. It can be used in conjunction with the Clarion5 QBE Browse class to increase its functionality by sending the GetFilter( ) statement to a report. [more]

Make your Clarion application a powerful DDE server without writing ANY CODE! Use Quick DDE to broadcast your data real-time! [more]

Xplore for C4/C5 is a template and source code that adds functionality to the standard base class BrowseClass of the new Clarion 4 product. Xplore allows end-user modification of a standard Browse for Win98 type look and feel. [more]


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