X-File, "The Open File Dialog Fixer", is a desktop enhancer which adds major enhancements to the standard OS/2 microscopic "open/save as" file dialog. Nothing paranormal here - just real useful stuff.

X-File runs under OS/2 3.0 or later, is small and non-intrusive, and will save you from the merrily-we-scroll-along syndrome. Works with many apps such as DeScribe, System Editors (E/EPM), Netscape and SmallEd - see list below for many more. Another must-have X utility from the company that gave you X-it and Matrix.


  • Replaces the tiny "open/save as" file dialog with a full height dialog that is user customizable - prevents Carpal Scroll Syndrome by showing more files and directories.
  • Drive buttons at the top of every "open/save as" file dialog. Single click moves you to that drive.
  • History buttons for last files and directories accessed.
  • A Frequent Directories button (quicklist) - jump to your favorite directory in two mouse clicks!
  • File Viewer button lets you view the current selected file using either your favorite viewer, or the default WPS viewer for that file object.
  • File Manager button lets you access the current selected directory using either your favorite file manager, or the default WPS file manager (folder is opened).
  • File copy, move, rename, delete, shred, undelete functions. Directory create, delete and rename functions.
  • All of the above functions/buttons are also accessable with a popup menu (right mouse button).
  • File info status line (file date, time, size, attributes).
  • Change the fonts for the file and directory lists - use a really small font to really cram in all those files/directories.
  • Both the "Drives" and "Type of File" drop down lists are lengthened to fit the entire list on the screen - no more scrolling here either!
  • Dialog Enhancer support.
  • This utility will enhance many existing applications
DEMO: xfile14.zip (95K
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