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Take the work out of downloading software. WarpZip will handle the details from the first click in your browser to the archives' final resting place. Beneath WarpZip's pleasant interface you will find plenty of revolutionary and powerful functions that will save both time and effort and boost your productivity.

WarpZip offers a fresh new way to handle your archives. The integration of a directory tree as part of the interface makes unarchiving complete archives or just selected file(s) from an archive to any directory as simple as a 3 inch drag and drop, to ANYWHERE on your drives. If you don't have the directory you want, create it! You can also open any folder from the directory tree for drag and drop operations. Delete any directory or even complete directory trees from WarpZip!

WarpZip's Download PreProcessor allows your browsing sessions to sport one click downloads that obey your every whim. It will selectively move your downloaded zip files to any directory you choose, test them for integrity, virus test them and queue them up for later review by WarpZip. All this is handled seamlessly in the background while you spend your online time making your browser session count. When you're offline, WarpZip will be waiting with the list of files you've downloaded. It will automatically load them in it's queue on startup and present you with any test results you may have requested.

OS/2 Packed file extensions can have "_" or "@" or no extension at all. So how do you locate them? Better yet, how do you locate and see what files are archived inside of them? We are unaware of any software that will help you find those almost unrecognizable OS/2 packed files except WarpZip.

WarpZip will search a directory, directory tree, hard disk or CD for zip files as well as OS/2 packed files. It will add or delete files from archives, view files in archives or you can test run them (to do an installation, for example) and let WarpZip clean up after you. You can test zip files or run virus scans, view bitmaps, grep, build self extractors, copy, move, rename... well... you get the picture...

  • Unzipping
  • Unpacking
  • Add files to archive
  • Delete files from archive
  • Find zips & OS/2 packed
  • View files in archive
  • View bitmaps in archive
  • Create new archives
  • Set zip/unzip modifiers Kill search thread Download preprocessing
  • Favorite folders
  • Open any directory folder
  • Make directories
  • Delete directories (trees) Copy archives
  • Move archives Rename archives
  • Delete archives
  • Reload last archive Print files
  • Download queues
  • Archive testing
  • AntiVirus testing
  • Internal text viewer
  • Internal bitmap viewer
  • Option - Use default viewer
  • Test run and cleanup
  • PillarShift adjustment
  • Make self extracting
  • Move to repository
  • GREP zip "innards"
  • More to come...
DEMO: warpzip.zip (Standard zip - 829 KB)
          warpzip.exe (Self-extracting exe - 933 KB)
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