SecureIt is a program designed to provide good and reliable protection against piracy for all 32-bit shareware developers.

Your program can NOT be cracked by someone who does not have access to a valid Name/Password combination.

This includes getting access to "registered only" functions, even if a potential pirate attempts to change the executable file itself by "patching" the code.

If the would-be pirate has access to a valid Name/Password set, he will be unable to produce valid keys for another user name if the option to RSA-encrypt passwords is enabled. With SecureIt, "Password generators" are a thing of the past.

The SecureIt algorithm for generating passwords ensures that the password for a given name is unique for each SecureIt registration. This means that two shareware developers can both use SecureIt for protection, and sell their software to the same person. The password strings for one program will not work with the other.

The one thing no protection scheme can safeguard against is simple copying of the key.

To address this problem, SecureIt offers the option of locking out certain serial numbers so perpetrators distributing their keys will at the very least have to buy a new key to distribute every time you release a new version of the software.

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