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Professor Owl is a code generator for the Borland C++ Object Window Library. It will help you to create OS/2 applications faster and more error free. Professor Owl reads and writes C++ code. When Borland C++ programmers began the migration to the OS/2 operating system one of the first obstacles they faced was the lack of a C++ Object Window Library code generator.

Traditionally, the Borland C++ compiler has been king -- it has a great IDE and a well designed class library for graphical user interface development. Professor Owl allows you to generate OS/2 applications in a matter of seconds. When you create a new application, all the framework C++ code, header files, and resources are created for you. Your application can grow to suit your needs by using Professor Owl to add more functionality to your source code.

Certainly, no one could remember the hundreds of functions and events that make up the Object Window Library classes. This is where Professor Owl shines. When you want to add an event handler, it's a mouse click away. Each event handler macro and function and header prototype will be written for you. This will save hours of time since you will not need to remember what event macros go with what functions and what parameters they all need. It allows you to concentrate on your application and not the inner working of the class library. Professor Owl puts what you need at your finger tips. It is easy to use and very powerful; it will become your command center.

Professor Owl
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