Did you like the text based Norton Commander for DOS? Then you'll fall in love with OS/2-Commander. OS/2-Commander tries to be keystroke compatible with the DOS Norton program and also has a similar look.

OS/2-Commander is the best Norton Commander Clone for OS/2. It offers an integrated archive-handling, better HPFS-support, a user-definable menu, a Tree-function, the most powerful FIND-function you've ever seen and much more! And with its special features The OS/2-Commander is the first choice for every sysop!

The following are some of the major features of The OS/2-Commander:

  • Integrated archive handling for ZIP, ZOO, ARJ, RAR, UC2, SQZ, LHA and LZH and you can self-define any other archiver!
  • Integrated DBASE database viewer and editor!
  • Special features for BBS sysops
  • Mouse support
  • Directory hotkeys
  • HPFS support
  • Many configuration options
  • Built in file viewer and editor
  • File Find function with file contents scaning and ability to view, edit, copy, move and delete found files
  • Calculation of total disk usage of a directory tree
  • Tree views for quick and easy directory changes
  • Start OS/2 text mode, PM, DOS and Windows applications
  • User definable pulldown-menu
  • Creation of Workplace Shell objects
  • 4DOS/4OS2 descriptions support
  • 132 column mode support
  • Full network compatibility and special network features for Netware, LAN Server and Lantastic
  • Screen saver built-in
  • Choose from brief to verbose out of 5 different directory listings
  • A command history up to as many commands as you need
  • File Extension Preferences that allow you to start special programs with special extensions and to display special extensions in a unique color
OS/2 Commander
DEMO: os2c-128.zip (445 KB)
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