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DragText v3.8  is the latest release of a distinctly different Desktop enhancement for OS/2 Warp. Present almost everywhere yet invisible until needed, DragText lets you do what others can't:

  • Handle Text as an Object - Text in windows, files, and the clipboard becomes an object that can be copied, moved, saved or deleted using drag & drop. DragText supports native OS/2 PM programs as well as Win32 programs run using Odin*.
  • Access WPS Objects from Any Program - Treat a filename or Object ID like a shadow of the object it names; use a window's System Menu button as your link to the object that opened it. Drag these objects or use their menus - you can navigate the Desktop without opening a folder or even leaving your app.
  • Eliminate the Obstacles to Drag & Drop - If you've ever cancelled a drag because the target window was covered or the folder you needed wasn't open yet, you'll like OverDrag. Now when you drag, you can click the mouse or press a key to: open folders, scroll windows, minimize & restore them, and more. Rearrange your desktop as you drag, then let DT clean up when you're done.

DragText also includes a "free gift" just for trying it: DTProgram, a comprehensive enhancement for program objects. Set environment variables, customize its menus, schedule objects to open on selected days or dates, and more...

DragText's features are available in nearly every program, but not necessarily in every window. Use it with many popular programs, including editors (e.g. System Editor) and internet apps (e.g. ProNews/2 and Mozilla). Configure almost every aspect of DragText's operation from its Options notebook. Get help from the notebook's QuickHelp feature or DragText's online help files.

DragText's Basic features are yours free for unlimited use. Try its Extended features for 6 weeks. If you like them, register the program for only $20.

For more information, vist the DragText homepage. Send your questions and comments to the author, Rich Walsh, at dragtext@e-vertise.com.

DEMO: drgtxt38.zip (430 KB)
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