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Assistant/2 (the successor of Extended Clipboard/2) is a WPS extension wich is designed to make work with OS/2 more comfortable in various ways. [more]

The Command line Clipboard Access (CCA) programs are a set of shareware programs that allow the OS/2 user to access the OS/2 clipboard from the command line in a full screen or windowed OS/2 session. [more]

Ctrl-Alt-Del Commander (CAD Commander) takes control of the boot services of an OS/2 Warp system and prevents accidental rebooting of OS/2 from within any type of OS/2, DOS, or Windows session. In addition, it also allows "rebooting" of the Workplace... [more]

The OS/2 DDE Spy is a multithreaded 32-Bit Presentation Manager- and Workplace Shell-aware application. It offers the following features: [more]

DH_ClipSave/2 is an OS/2 PM utility that saves text from the OS/2 clipboard directly to a file without asking you for a file name. [more]

DeskTop Backup is a simple tool that works with InfoZip's Zip (v2.2) and Unzipsfx to build a self-extracting zipfile containing your essential desktop and other configuration information. There is no magic or sleight of hand concerning its use and one... [more]

DSTswitch is a program that switches from daylight saving time to standard time and vice versa. Additionally DSTswitch can start up to four OS/2 and Java applications on three different events. [more]

infoPM is a suite of benchmark and system analysis tools for OS/2 WARP. [more]

Numlock2 is simple and effective - and it works! Simply put, this utility will turn on your numlock key everywhere in the OS/2 system. [more]

Have you ever been reading something on your computer, seen a web site you want to visit, and then went through a series of steps to copy it and then load it into your browser? Does your mouse cursor always seems to get in your way when you are reading... [more]

OS2You is a tool that will allow you to remotely run your OS/2 character mode applications. This is ideal for software developers and large corporations with support staff that would benefit from seeing the same screen as another user, located at a... [more]

This utility will allow remote control of the OS/2 Presentation Manager Desktop from an ordinary Web browser. Because of limitations in Web browser technology, this remote control is limited in certain ways. This utility is best used for monitoring... [more]

PM2You is a tool that will allow you to remote control the OS/2 Presentation Manager / Workplace Shell Desktop and run your OS/2 Presentation Manager or character mode applications. This is ideal for software developers and large corporations with... [more]

PM Fee is a Presentation Manager front end for McAfee's command line program, os2scan.exe, and lets you easily scan your drives for viruses. Also PM Fee lets you view the scan log file and virus list. [more]

PSC is a system information tool that goes a bit beyond the usual information provided by most tools of its class. The information is well laid out and includes the ability to track individual process information (much like PSTAT) as well as... [more]

Do you have programs you want started every time you boot? If any of them need network drives, you need SFUtils! [more]

The Smalled Clipboard Extensions will give you 10 switchable virtual clipboards that work for OS/2 as well as for WIN-OS/2 sessions. The text in all these clipboards is editable. [more]

Super Virtual Disk provides a swappable, lockable, and removable virtual disk or virtual floppy using OS/2's advanced memory management facility. Virtual disks can be any size from 16k to 16 megs, and virtual floppy supports 360kb to 2.88MB devices... [more]

SwapMonitor is a utility that displays the size of OS/2's swap file, SWAPPER.DAT, in a small window and warns you when its size changes. [more]

The OS/2 System Spy is a multithreaded 32-Bit Presentation Manager- and Workplace Shell-aware application. It offers the following features: [more]

Take Command offers a new approach to working in Windows or OS/2's Presentation Manager -- an approach that brings users the "best of both worlds". It is a powerful command line utility -- fully integrated into the Windows and OS/2 graphical environments. [more]

"think::xels!" is a collection of over 1,200 high quality symbols for OS/2. All are well sorted and support animation and 'statechanging'. [more]

Ticker/2 is a PM utility for OS/2 that displays text and bitmaps in a tickerline on your Desktop. With it you can display commercials, lottery numbers, the TV Guide, news, stock market information, financial news and more. [more]

UniMaint, the first uninstaller for OS/2, is now the first product that allows you to archive and reinstall applications! UniMaint 5.0 allows you to move applications from one drive to another without the need to reinstall the application from the... [more]

The Wall changes background images and/or color at user-set intervals. You can configure each image file in such as *.BMP/ *.GIF/ *.JPG/ *.TIF/ *.TGA/ *.PCX/ *.DIB in the Wall. Choose TILE, SIZED or NORMAL during configuration. [more]

The Workplace Shell Backup Utility (WPSbkup) allows you to create backups of the files, directories and related information that control the appearance and function of your OS/2 desktop. The associated restore process is very fast and easy to use. [more]

WWFan is a program to show the mainbaord temperature, fan RPM and current voltages. This program will only work on boards with the National Semiconductor LM78 chip. [more]

X-File, "The Open File Dialog Fixer", is a desktop enhancer which adds major enhancements to the standard OS/2 microscopic "open/save as" file dialog. Nothing paranormal here -- just real useful stuff. [more]

X-IT, "The One Button Zapper", is a desktop enhancer which adds major enhancements to the hitherto barren OS/2 title bar and mouse (Warp 4.x, 3.x or OS/2 2.x). [more]


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