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This CD contains 2 Bible Studies written specifically for people who are in recovery, active in 12 Step groups and those who wish to study the Bible in order to lead a better life. These programs are also intended for group leaders & participants... [more]

The King James A2zBible is built upon the advanced A2zIndex 5.0 Information Retrieval software system. A2zBible also supports text-to-speech under Win95/NT using the optional A2zYappy module. A2zIndex runs under MSDOS 3. and has been optimized to run... [more]

With Bible Aid you will no longer be forced to fumble through the Bible to find "just the right verse." The click of a button allows you to easily and quickly find the strength and guidance you need from scripture. [more]

Codex is the full-featured Bible concordance designed specifically for OS/2 Warp! Our first Christian OS/2 software product was the WordWise Daily Scripture Calendar. Though it's also available for Windows, NT, DOS, Mac, Linux & Amiga, we have received... [more]

The Intranet Bible enables your favorite Internet Browser to attach up to 12 different Bible translations in a speed you never saw. There is no need for installing any dll, exe or whatever, you can start direct from the CD or... [more]

The New Freedom Bible is the only Bible software written specifically for people who are in recovery. This vigorous program allows you to unleash the full potential of the Bible for the recovering person. Quickly search scripture and easily access the... [more]

Recovery Companion is a compilation of tools, resources, and information for recovering people and those who work with individuals in recovery. [more]

WordWise is the most flexible and expandable Daily Scripture program available. With over 30 Bible versions to choose from, support for most major operating systems, and a registration price of just $20, we believe that WordWise is an outstanding program. [more]


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