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The Albatros CD Player is a CD player for OS/2. [more]

aTuner/2 is an advanced tuner program for OS/2 Warp which allows you to control various ISA FM radio cards.[more]

DCITU (Digital Camera Image Transfer Utility) for OS/2 is an OS/2 PM application which allows serial port transfer of images from the following digital camera models: [more]

DrawIt is a vector oriented drawing tool written for OS/2 Warp with all the features you'd expect in a "paint brush" type program plus a lot of nifty features such as balloon help creation and more. [more]

IconEase 2.02 is a 32 bit Presentation Manager application that allows you to efficiently collect, manage and use icons to change the appearance of your OS/2 2.x and above desktop. If you are running OS/2 3.0 or better, IconEase can use DSOM to... [more]

Icon Heaven is an OS/2 Workplace shell enhancement that enables the user to assign icons to objects using simple drag & drop. Sample icon libraries included. New release adds Warp support for animated icons, icon extraction and fixes problems with... [more]

MidiVamp2 is a GENERAL MIDI standard Auto-Accompaniment program for PCs and MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) Keyboards. [more]

Mixomat is a mixer for Sound Blaster 16/32 and 64 cards. It is optimized for OS/2 Warp 4 but it also works with OS/2 Warp 3 together. MMPM is not necessary. [more]

MMScope is a program for OS/2 with which you can see the incoming wave data from Line In, the microphone input on your sound card, or music from your CD-ROM drive. With the sine generator function, you can output any sine wave between 100 Hz and 10kHz in... [more]

PMView is a viewing and editing tool for bitmapped graphics. It provides support for systems with palette manager and deep color displays. On systems with palette manager, PMView gives you color animation and its color optimizing functions make sure that... [more]

PopCD! is 'Pop Up CD-ROM/Removable media/Audio CD Object' Utility. When you insert CD-ROM/Removable media/Audio CD, PopCD! creates its object on desktop and open/play. And PopCD! ejects CD-ROM/Removable Media/Audio CD when you drag and drop object into... [more]

PowerUtilities 'Screen saver for OS/2' is a 32-bit screen saver for OS/2 featuring numerous animated displays. Both GPI and DIVE mode are supported. A developer kit is available to registered users. The PowerUtilities 'Screen saver for OS/2' requires OS/2... [more]

Quick Picture for OS/2 is software for taking still pictures with the Connectix QuickCam (black and white model). These pictures can then be copied to the OS/2 clipboard for use with any graphics application (Windows or OS/2) that allows you to paste... [more]

ScreenSaver 2.6 is an easy-to-use 32-bit screen saver for OS/2 2.x and above, with password protection, DPMS monitor support, DOS and WIN-OS/2 fullscreen support, Sound support, module building toolkit, more than 50 modules included. [more]

Sounder is a digital music player for OS/2 PM and MMPM/2. More specically, it is designed to play MOD, MTM, and S3M music files. [more]

Tonigy is an Audio CD IFS for OS/2. Use it to accessing tracks of Audio CD like ordinary .WAV or .RAW files [more]

If you use OS/2 and own a Movie Machine II or FPS60 Video Overlay Board or think of buying one, you will need OS/2 software for it. [more]


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