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If you have a Warp- or Merlin-based system connected to the Internet and want it to act as a dial-in server for any number of users this package is all you need! The most important features are: [more]

The Binary Newsreader is designed for easy downloading and decoding single- and multipart binary files which are UUE- or BASE-64 (Mime format) encoded from Internet newsgroups. [more]

Anyone who surfs the Web on the Internet soon has hundreds of "favorite" sites in their "hotlist." Connexion Collection helps you organize these sites into categories and sub-categories that are defined by you. It creates a single web page, full of... [more]

DialIP 1.49d is an OS/2 PM 32-bit Internet Connecting and email Transferring program. [more]

DUMPIT is an NNTP-compatible binary retrieval program for OS/2. DUMPIT runs as a PM program, allowing simple retreival of files from multiple newsgroups and news servers. Selectable file types downloadable include JPEG, GIF, ZIP, MPEG, and more. Once... [more]

Simply put, Element.ary! for OS/2 is a weather program. Element.ary! for OS/2 uses your Internet connection to show you current information on your area of interest. The parts of the world this program covers change as the Internet changes. Currently, the... [more]

The EmTec FTP client is an updated and enhanced release of the FTP client which is included in the EmTec Network Suite. EmTec FTP is a 32 bit multithreaded PM based FTP client and is fully WPS aware. With the EmTec FTP client you can drag and drop... [more]

The EmTec Network Suite is a 32 bit multithreaded PM based Internet suite featuring, usenet newsreader, FTP client, and gopher client. The suite also includes a PM based full featured address book that integrates into the newsreader and a PM based ping... [more]

E-Rotor is a program that checks for the presence of new e-mail in your mailbox. [more]

E-SECURE is a GUI (Graphical User Interface) for PGP (Pretty Good Privacy). This program, in combination with MR/2 ICE, provides you a powerful, easy to use, application for sending and receiving secure e-mail messages. [more]

FTP-It! is a multi-threaded, bi-directional, concurrent file transfer application designed for OS/2 2.x and 3.x. It has been designed to provide the maximum benefit for both the beginner, as well as the expert FTP user. [more]

GetURL is a program for copying files from WWW sites, FTP sites, News Servers, Gopher sites, or local computer to your local OS/2 computer. GetURL may be used in conjunction with REXX to automate a number of Internet search and retrieval applications. [more]

Hethmon Brothers Ftpd Server is a full featured FTP server for OS/2 systems. It implements a RFC 959 and RFC 1123 compliant server which will interoperate with a wide variety of FTP client applications. [more]

Inet.Mail for OS/2 is a full SMTP/POP3 mail server for Internet mail. Within a few minutes of installation, your Warp Connect machine can be functioning as a full Internet mail host. Inet.Mail provides a complete SMTP daemon to send and receive mail with... [more]

InJoy is a dialer for OS/2 used to connect to your Internet provider. [more]

The InJoy Firewall product is millennium proof OS/2 software designed from the ground up to provide multiple gateway and firewall capability to consumers, small businesses and large enterprises. [more]

Internet Adventurer is an Internet Suite for OS/2 that takes care of all your Internet needs. It integrates WWW, FTP, Gopher, IRC, News, Mail, WebWatch and Telnet into one application -- with the same easy to use interface for all functions. [more]

Internet gate for OS/2 is a multiple proxy gate and firewall. It can allow users on a Local Area Network (LAN) without Internet access to access the Internet through a single machine on the LAN connected to the Internet, either via a dial-up modem / ISDN... [more]

Internet Rex is a tool for BBS sysops to transfer netmail over the Internet. Its main goal is to provide an easy to use yet very flexible way to get mail from one BBS to another using the Internet's services. [more]

Jasmine is an FTP front-end using the OS/2 WARP genuine part for FTP (File Transfer Protocol) for the maintenance of your web pages. Jasmine will update only the files and folders (directories) which are changed or altered from the last send. You can also... [more]

JunkSpy is an innovative application that eliminates the misery and frustration of junk mail. It uses several advanced techniques, working between your email program and mail server in a way that makes it nearly transparent. Find out [more]

McList is a fully-functional mailing list processor that's fast, easy to use, and downright simple. You never have to muck with configuration files or do any of the other unfriendly things all the other mailing list processors make you do. [more]

MR/2 ICE is a feature-packed Internet EMail client. Both POP3 and SMTP are fully supported. Configurability is taken to an extreme. MR/2 ICE lets the user select from many options, including optional pieces of the user interface. You'll find things... [more]

News Harvest is an OS/2 Presentation Manger and Windows 95/98/NT application for the automatic retrieval of Usenet News binary articles. [more]

This utility will allow remote control of the OS/2 Presentation Manager Desktop from an ordinary Web browser. Because of limitations in Web browser technology, this remote control is limited in certain ways. This utility is best used for monitoring... [more]

PMMail Archiver is a message archiver designed to archive messages, reindex the message folders, and sort the PMMail address book. [more]

This PM utility strips HTML codes from Web pages, leaving only the text and, optionally, URLs. Some of the page's formatting is retained, but PMStripper is not an HTML interpreter. PMStripper is designed to provide a quick conversion of HTML coded files... [more]

Power ListViewer 99 is designed to allow easy reading of mailing list messages in an easy to follow, subject-threaded format. Power ListViewer 99 is able to read both digest files and regular e-mail files, and present the messages in an easy to follow... [more]

ProNews/2 is a 32-bit OS/2 Presentation Manager application which takes full advantage of OS/2 and Workplace Shell functions. In a nutshell, ProNews/2 allows you to read Internet newsgroups... [more]

TimeKeeper/2 is a program that retrieves Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) from a time server using time protocol RFC868 and compares the results to your system time and optionally updates your system time if necessary. [more]

WebMirror is an advanced off-line browsing tool that allows you to re-create sections of the World Wide Web directly on your hard drive or local network. You can save particular pages, complete with text, links and graphics. Once the Web pages are saved... [more]

A web browser built to be compact and easy to use. [more]

Web Organizer (WebOrg) is a quick and easy tool to organize that ever growing list of bookmarks for Netscape and WebExplorer. Based on your bookmarks, and by using a full drag and drop interface, Web Organizer will let you build categorized WebPages that... [more]

ZxMail is a multi domain POP3 and SMTP server. it also allows you to redistribute mail from external POP3 account to users or domain on your server. You can download a demo version from the download page immediately.[more]


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