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Assault is a simple, yet exciting, two player (via TCP/IP) strategy/war game. It's a cross between Stratego, Chess, and a wargame. Requires MMPM/2, TCP/IP, and a screen mode of 800x600x256 or better. [more]

Imagine yourself in an unexplored dream land surrounded by funny monsters blocking your way throughout various parts of the kingdom, limited only by the borders of fantasy.[more]

Strategy game for OS/2,inspired by the game known as Same. [more]

Try to solve the cube in the shortest amount of time possible. Billions of wrong combinations but only one correct one! You can play by yourself, against another person, or get the computer to solve automatically. [more]

MakMan is an addictive remake of the classic PacMan arcade game for OS/2 PM. MakMan is highly configurable, allowing you to change the bitmaps used for almost every aspect of the game. MakMan also features MMPM sound and... [more]

MASTER OF THE EMPIRE by Trilliun Software Products is a strategic wargame of global conquest, diplomacy and empire building. In your conquest you will assemble massive armies of force, powerful economic machines with the... [more]

The obscure planet of Kedk (located in sector 2496, 9542, 0094) has just been attacked by hundreds of alien ships! These aliens have appeared out of nowhere and are proceeding to bombard the planet to ashes. As the only person brave (foolish?) enough to... [more]

Semtex is a clone of the game "Dynabusters" by TSCC for the good old Atari ST/STE/Falcon computers. The game is very simple and has only one rule: Bomb all your opponents away! [more]


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