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A hard disk Backup/Restore utility suite. Requires no expensive hardware. Back up your system to removable media or your hard drive. Easy access to your backups from any program able to handle a ZIP file. [more]

Disk eXPress creates highly compressed diskette images for electronic transmission. Features include advanced data compression, data encryption, sector skew optimization, diskette image conversion, self-extracting diskette images, recognition of non-DOS... [more]

E-SECURE is a GUI (Graphical User Interface) for PGP (Pretty Good Privacy). This program, in combination with MR/2 ICE, provides you a powerful, easy to use, application for sending and receiving secure e-mail messages. [more]

PGP Easy Rider is a front-end for "Pretty Good Privacy", the encryption software developed by Phil Zimmermann and others. While PGP itself provides a pretty good way of ensuring you a valuable piece of privacy - based on public key encryption - it... [more]

PGP is the most popular and powerful public key encryption tool available as Freeware. pmPGP adds an easy-to-use, yet powerful, OS/2 Presentation Manager interface to PGP. [more]

Take the work out of downloading software. WarpZip will handle the details from the first click in your browser to the archives' final resting place. Beneath WarpZip's pleasant interface you will find plenty of revolutionary... [more]

Workplace Security provides seamless object level security for the Workplace Shell. Workplace Security was developed using System Object Model (SOM) technology. [more]

Zip Control is a 32-bit threaded OS/2 PM shareware program which provides "point and click" access to Zip and UnZip. Info-ZIP's freeware programs Zip.exe and UnZip.exe are used by many OS/2 users to manage zip archives. Zip and UnZip are command line... [more]


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