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If you are tired of waiting around for your word processor, then Clearlook is for you. Quick loading and a responsive touch are Clearlook's trademarks. [more]

The Enhanced E is a Freeware version of the OS/2 "E" System Editor that allows you to do a few things the "E" doesn't, like printing? Why that wasn't included in the "E" I'll never know. But now it's yours for the cost of a download. [more]

FlexEdit is a file editor or viewer with powerful features, including the ability to display multiple windows, search across multiple buffers, and emulate other editors using a keymap file. With a Multiple Document Interface (MDI) and detachable window modes, it is possible [more]

Future Wave Editor (FWE) is a text editor for OS/2 Warp 3.0 and later. FWE enables you to work on the development of a professional program as well as edit a simple text file such as Config.Sys. It is a highly-functional text editor which allows you to... [more]

HyperMake (previously known as "MakeIPF") is a Tagged ASCII to HTML, IBM Help, Winhelp and MS HTML-Help builder. It generates a number of HTML files from one source file, and creates tables of contents and indexes. Marked phrases appear in the index and... [more]

Maul Publisher is a full powered desktop publishing application for OS/2 Warp. [more]

MED (formerly Mr. Ed) is a fast and powerful OS/2 PM text editor for programmers. [more]

Smalled is a highpowered multithreaded native OS/2 PM editor. Smalled is fast and will blend into your system prefectly due to it's high level of configurability and it's use of OS/2 goodies like Drag-n-Drop and Extended attributes. [more]

SMEHTM is a floating toolbar in notebook style that converts MLE based editors into full fletched HTML editors. You can even define HOTKEYS that will give you fast access to the SMEHTM functions from within the editor of your choice. [more]

The OS/2 Syslevel Editor is a multithreaded 32-Bit Presentation Manager- and Workplace Shell-aware application. It offers the following features: [more]

TIE (The INI Editor) is an OS/2 PM application for use with OS/2 Warp. The INI Editor is built to be the most comprehensive initialization file Editor available for OS/2. [more]


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