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The OS/2 SOM/WPS Class Browser is a multithreaded 32-Bit Presentation Manager- and Workplace Shell-aware application. It offers the following features: [more]

DeskMan/2 2.0 is the next generation of Development Technologies, Inc.'s award winning Desktop management suite. This release incorporates powerful new features, such as the MultiDesk Personal Desktop Facility, user defined Workspaces, live Desktop... [more]

DragText gives OS/2 Warp drag-and-drop text from nearly any window or entry-field to any other window or entry-field -- even the Desktop! [more]

DropZone is a multi-threaded WPS enhancement utility designed with the casual user in mind. DropZone provides menu access to most of the built in OS/2 utilities and setting pages as well as providing several original programs by Black Pine Development: [more]

FileBar, quite simply, is a menubar for your desktop. Spanning across the top or bottom of your desktop, FileBar is designed to give you quick and easy access to your most used applications, whether they are DOS, Windows or OS/2! [more]

Pastry Box is a multifunction utility that contains several useful tools that are easy to use but difficult to explain. [more]

ShowFont is a program to install / preview / deinstall ATM fonts to and from the OS/2 Font system. [more]

ShowTime/2 is a simple utility that adds a bit of pizzazz to your desktop by rotating your choice of bitmaps as backgrounds. Along the same vein and as an extra little tidbit it will also do slideshows. [more]

WPS TrashCan is a replacement for the OS/2 Warp Version 3 (or higher) Shredder object. It brings a Macintosh-like trash can to your Desktop. [more]

X-File, "The Open File Dialog Fixer", is a desktop enhancer which adds major enhancements to the standard OS/2 microscopic "open/save as" file dialog. Nothing paranormal here -- just real useful stuff. [more]

X-IT, "The One Button Zapper", is a desktop enhancer which adds major enhancements to the hitherto barren OS/2 title bar and mouse (Warp 4.x, 3.x or OS/2 2.x). [more]


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