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InfoLog is your one-way road onto today's information superhighway. Monitor important communications activities with the communication software you already use. [more]

InfoMiles is a comprehensive solution for tracking your online communications among the many on-ramps to today's information superhighway. [more]

MxXED/2 is a "Drop in" online and offline message editor for the Maximus BBS. MxXED/2 has the look and feel of GoldEd, but it is also for online users. [more]

ProNews/2 is a 32-bit OS/2 Presentation Manager application which takes full advantage of OS/2 and Workplace Shell functions. In a nutshell, ProNews/2 allows you to read Internet newsgroups... [more]

Unisched is a fully year 2000 compliant scheduler software that has been designed with special consideration of the needs of a Fidonet node system. To cut it short: Unisched can react to various kinds of events with various actions. [more]

WFax/2 is a programm that allows decoding radiofax signals from shortwave fax-stations. All you need is an OS/2-PC, Soundcard, Shortwave-Receiver and this program. [more]

ZOC is an award winning telnet, secure shell (SSH), rlogin, modem and ISDN comm. application which offers a feature richness that is rarely found even in commercial packages. You can make quick connects without doing a lot of configuration (just select... [more]


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