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The BMT Micro OS/2 Shareware CD features the latest versions of the 300+ OS/2 shareware products distributed by BMT Micro. If you're looking for the "Cream of the Crop" in OS/2 shareware, this is the CD for you. [more]

EDM/2 stands for "Electronic Developer Magazine for OS/2" which is one of the oldest (if not the oldest), most comprehensive, publication devoted to OS/2 development issues. [more]

Not quite up to downloading a 30 megabyte file to get the latest Java for OS/2? Then try out our Java for OS/2 on CD! The CD contains the latest version of Java for OS/2 and is available in English and German... [more]

BMT Micro is proud to announce the JP CD Suite which features all 6 of JP Software's award winning utilities for OS/2, DOS, and NT. [more]

BMT Micro and the OS/2 Supersite announce our OS/2 Fixpak CD which allows the most recent FixPaks to install directly from the disc via our graphical installation program making FixPak installation as simple as a mouse click. In addition to the latest... [more]

Looking for a great OS/2 resource on CD and want to help an OS/2 user group? Here's your chance! [more]


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