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AddressBook is a Presentation Manager address book and calendar for OS/2 Warp. [more]

ADRp is a text mode address book program. ADRp is easy to use and straightforward, the perfect solution if you are looking for a simple, easy to use program with all the basic functions required for an address book program. Note that the program defaults... [more]

Alarm Clock is an OS/2 program scheduler. Schedule reminder messages and programs from a convenient desktop clock. Schedule events once, daily, monthly, on specific days, and more. Events can be scheduled to occur repeatedly... [more]

NEGC Software's Conversion Pro for OS/2 is a 32-bit scientific and engineering application which converts and calculates over 1800 unit conversions. The conversion database is customizable, and includes 20 data categories... [more]

Electronic Teller is an aggressively priced, visually attractive financial application that includes a suite of fiscally-related utilities including a calculator, calendar, and stand-alone reminder. Five types of accounts are currently supported (Bank... [more]

In Charge! is a full function personal and small business financial system for OS/2. It is an integrated system with the following features: [more]

PM PostNotes is a Swiss Army Knife for OS/2. It offers a calendar, clock, PIM, Post-It(tm) type notes and more. [more]

Ecee Software presents PostToYou/2, an OS/2 program which provides yellow sticky notes to litter your screen with reminders. Notes can have alarms and repeating alarms with factors of minutes, hours or days. Notes can be stationary, hidden or floating... [more]

Looking for the ultimate Personal Information Manager (PIM) to use in a native OS/2 environment? Look no further than Relish from Sundial Systems. [more]

Smack! is the world's first native OS/2 labeling program. It is a powerful, graphical program to help you design and create mailing labels, videotape labels, envelopes or any other document that can be reasonably construed as a label. In fact, it's so... [more]

The Star Office ("SO") Dictionaries is a new program designed to provide fast and easy spell checking for several languages in one document. [more]

Every business needs its business cards. SO Templates: Business Cards offers a wide range of cards for any purpose. They can be loaded directly into SO and will have your personal information included immediately. Print them on special paper or directly... [more]

The Star Office Templates: Faxes are a funny and serious way to express your needs and emotions to each other as a fax. They are so simple to use and all specific data are already included as it is: Name, Company, Address, Telephone, Fax, eMail, Date and... [more]

Type/2 is a 32-bit Presentation Manager typing tutor. Currently, it is the only option for people who want a program to assist them in learning or improving their typing skills while maintaining an OS/2 only system. The program supports several levels... [more]


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