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ScreenSaver 2.6 is an easy-to-use 32-bit screen saver for OS/2 2.x and above, with password protection, DPMS monitor support, DOS and WIN-OS/2 fullscreen support, Sound support, module building toolkit, more than 50 modules included.

English and German versions are available.

When ScreenSaver is started, it monitors your keyboard and mouse activity in the background. When a settable timeout expires, it runs one of the various saver modules until the user uses the keyboard or mouse again. ScreenSaver has the advantage of low memory consumption and very low CPU usage - this means virtually no performance impact on your normal work.

ScreenSaver has a nice and intuitive user interface.

ScreenSaver supports DPMS "Green" monitors.

ScreenSaver supports OS/2, DOS and WIN-OS/2 fullscreen sessions.

ScreenSaver has password protection similar to the OS/2 lockup feature.

ScreenSaver has sound support through OS/2's MMPM.

ScreenSaver has a very modular structure: It searches its directory for saver modules and selects a module randomly when the saver becomes active. Therefore it is very easy to extend ScreenSaver by just copying new saver modules to its directory.

It is possible to use Deskpic modules with ScreenSaver. Just copy them to the ScreenSaver directory.

Sample source code for do-it-yourself saver modules comes with the distribution.

ScreenSaver has been certified by IBM in their "Available and Ready for OS/2" (TM) Certification Program

PLATFORM: Windows, OS/2
DEMO: (620 KB - English) (614 KB - German)
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