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Liberty BASIC v3.03 GOLD
Do you need a programming language for Windows that is easy to learn (dare we say fun to use?), and high in utility? Liberty BASIC is designed to meet this need head on! [more]
PhotoMover can save anyone with a digital camera hours of clicking in a browser. PhotoMover allows uploading images direct from your computer to photo upload sites on the web. PhotoMover can upload directly...[more]
G-REG, as the name implies, is a registration program that will help protect your work. Through a series of numbers, a combination of fields, and some tricky formulas G-REG will create a unique number to a particular program and for a...[more]
VB Elf
Now you can add natural language database query capability to any 32-bit Visual Basic database project (and with no per-user license charges). VB ELF packs the power of the "Access ELF" language engine into a set of callable routines, or if you prefer, a...[more]
EasyExcel is a Class and a set of Templates providing you an ability to import your data, change fonts and colors, draw borders, print and save document and do much more in the Excel! You'll get libraries, templates...[more]

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