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Color Mechanic
Color Mechanic is a selective color correction plug-in for Adobe Photoshop. It lets you change one or more colors in an image... [more]
Adds multiple clipboards, clipboard processing, save clips thru restarts, clipboard archives and internet tools... [more]
Find Duplicate Files
Araxis Find Duplicate Files helps you to find, view and manage files that have duplicate content, regardless of name. It can be especially useful if you have large Pictures... [more]


Featured Games

Cosmo Bots Deluxe - Mac Edition
Cosmo Bots is one of those games that you just can't stop playing! It's fun, easy, yet takes skill to master. Another classic genre gets a total overhaul from Retro64! [more]
DX-Ball Deluxe - Mac Edition
DX-Ball is a brick-breaking game that has been earning fans since 1996 for its simple yet addictive game play. Michael P. Welch originally designed it... [more]
Majestic Forest - MAC Edition
Explore the secrets of the Majestic Forest to discover what happened to the Forest Mother. Collect magical talisman and solve the many puzzles to find your way... [more]
Pocket Tanks Deluxe - MAC Edition
Pocket Tanks Deluxe is designed to be the fastest game of artillery you'll ever play. All the excitement of lobbing projectiles over a mound of dirt ... [more]


Featured Multimedia Software

Photo Mover
PhotoMover can save anyone with a digital camera hours of clicking in a browser. PhotoMover allows uploading images direct... [more]
EiffelStudio 5.4
Develop in a seamless object-oriented software environment designed for demanding enterprise solutions. EiffelStudio from Eiffel Software combines in a single Integrated Development Environment the best known techniques for developer productivity and product quality. [more]


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